Deep Learning Image Recognition

Fashwell automatically recognizes products in images and our vision is to make every image instantly shoppable. We achieve this by powering SaaS product recognition tools – like AI-powered search by image and recommendation engines – for fashion and furniture brands, retailers and eCommerce players across the globe. Easy to integrate into any platform, our products drive conversions, create new revenue channels and seriously boost user engagement.

Man jumping and seen in a mobile device.

Easy mobile search and shopping based on images, not text. Like placing an image into the search bar and getting from inspiration to checkout in a matter of seconds. Improve search success and prevent drop-offs by enabling customers to shop what they see.

White shoes and ecommerce filters

Our machine learning based recommendation engine understands the style of a product and recommends visually similar items from your product feed. Use as an out of stock solution and automatic visual browse tool.

A fashionable woman and layout of the products she is wearing.

Embed “How to wear” product suggestions: Fashwell’s automatic Outfit Recommendation allows shoppers to buy the complete look while brands boost their opportunities for upsell and cross-sell. These solutions are easily implemented via API with ROI evident almost immediately.

Diagram of Fashwell visual search algorithm.

Fashwell Technology

Cutting edge deep learning algorithms trained for best-in-class performance in fashion and furniture product recognition. Thanks to our unequalled technology, our customers enjoy fast image processing with accurate and scalable results – without having to worry about the nitty gritty details.

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